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September 8th , 1999

November 1st, 1999

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Well, this is it, the finished product.

Well, here it is. The finished product. We had our walkthrough on Wednesday, the 8th. Everything went very well. There were a few issues that we were going to mention, but the foreman was already on top of them and explained how they are going to fix them even before we could open our mouths! It's very nice to work with such a great contractor!

Another view from the street.

The garage (obviously!) It's pretty deep so I'll have room to build a nice workbench under the circuit breaker box.

This is the baby's room. (Which, incidentally, we also found out on 9/8 is a girl!! The tech is "99.9%" sure but I even noticed it on the ultrasound. We're very excited!)

The guest/Kim's craft room.

The master bathroom. We'd like to hang some wooden shutters over the windows. Daggone things are so expensive though!

Looking into the master bedroom from the sitting room.

Looking into the sitting room from the master bedroom. We had the electrician hang the ceiling fan for us since the ceilings are about 20 feet high. I wasn't about to go up there!

The kitchen (obviously!) Kim's purse is not included. ;-D We're planning on adding an island eventually. That option was ridiculously expensive. But it'll be nice once we put it in. I'm thinking of getting a nice butcher block. We'll see...

Looking into the dining room from the kitchen.

Looking into the family room from the kitchen. We'll eventually get a ceiling fan for the family room. We got the hookup for it, but figured we can wait a bit to install the fan. I'll do this one! :-)

Looking into the dining room from Kory's den.

Looking into the breakfast area from the foyer.

Looking into the kitchen from the family room.

Looking into my den from the dining room. I picked out the dining room chandelier. I think Kim was surprised!

November 1st, 1999

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