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Professional stuff

Kim and Kory both work for Capital One Financial, a credit card company located in Richmond, Virginia.

Kim is working as a temporary employee for the Corporate Real Estate department and Kory is a System Administrator for the CRE department.

Kory is currently attending the University of Phoenix online program.

Update - 5/02: Kory stopped attending UOP about mid-2001 to focus on Frontier Broadband. He hopes to continue his studies there after he has more time (yeah, right!) :-D

He's majoring in a Bachelor's of Information Technology/Web Management program. Please feel free to see a
page of his current curriculum.

He hopes to have his degree by mid to late 2002.

He's also working on a wireless broadband access provider called Frontier Broadband, along with his two partners. They are hoping to launch the service by the end of 2000.

What does Kory do and where has he worked?
Here's a glimpse of his resume.

Kory is also involved with Atlee Community Church, a contemporary Christian church where Kory hosts their website.

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