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Subcontractors & Suppliers

Here's a comprehensive list of the various subcontractors, suppliers and manufacturers that have been including in the building of our house. This list doesn't recommend any, but simply provides links to their respective websites, if they have one.

Exterior Doors Thermatru Carolina Builders
Sliding Glass Doors MW Twinseal Carolina Builders
Interior Doors Six Panel Colonials Contractor Yard
Windows Capital Contractor Yard
Vinyl Siding Revere Gentek
Light Fixtures Adkins Lighting Adkins Lighting
Countertops (including cabinets, carpet and flooring) Richmond Decorating Richmond Decorating
Bathroom Fixtures Aqua Glass
Foster Plumbing
Faucets Moen Foster Plumbing
Appliances (stove, dishwasher & garbage disposal) General Electric Glenn Jones Electric
Garage Door Apple Door Apple Door
Drywall   Capital Drywall



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