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August 26, 1999

Sorry about the lack of outside shots. We arrived there kind of late and the pictures I did take didn't turn out very well.
I'll take some more outside shots the next time. :-)

September 8th, 1999

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From the family room towards the kitchen.
Kim's on the right, Matthew's in the middle and Kim's younger brother, Scott, is on the right.

Scott just graduated from Marine Corps. boot camp in Parris Island, South Carolina.

This is Matthew's room towards the rear of the house.

This will be the baby's room.

This will be the guest room and Kim's craft room.

Kim's very into making gift baskets. Drop her a line if you're interested! She's pretty good (and I'm not just saying that!)

This is the sink in the master bathroom.

Master bedroom bathtub. They've put the vinyl flooring in since the last picture.

The master bedroom walk-in closet. Don't think we'll have to worry about lack of storage space anymore!

A picture of the master bedroom, looking into the sitting room.

Another picture looking into the sitting room.

Kim's brother, Scott, and Kim in the master bedroom.

Scott visited us for a couple of days enroute to his assault training course at Fort Geiger in North Carolina. He couldn't tell us any more about that otherwise he'd have to kill us. ;-D

This will be Matthew's, the baby's and our guest bathroom.

(Hey, of course we get the big one!) ;-D

Looking into the dining room from Kory's den.

Looking into Kory's den from the dining room.

(Sorry about the camera tilt!)

Looking into the family room from the kitchen.

The kitchen.

(I'm assuming there will be a range
where the gap in the cabinets is!)

The pantry in the kitchen.

(Yeah, there will be doors there.)

September 8th, 1999

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